Hotel Pin Jiaoxi is the LDC Hotels & Resorts Group's first art hotel. 'Artistic Appreciation and Light-hearted Travel' is our spiritual credo. The hotel's logo features Taiwan's national bird - the Taiwan Blue Magpie. Hotel Pin's design revolves around this symbolic bird, which is meant to inspire authentic traveling experiences in Taiwan.

Hotel Pin is situated right on top of one of Jiaoxi's most prominent hot spring sources. Furthermore, Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park, one of the most popular local tourist destinations, is located right next to the hotel grounds. All 178 guest rooms are equipped with their own hot spring baths, so visitors can enjoy a relaxing soak at anytime of the day. Keeping up with the rise in popularity of solo-traveling, Hotel Pin offers several convenient round-the-clock services, such as self check-in, to cater to those who are inclined to vacation alone. Additionally, environmental conservation is an important part of our mission. Rooms minimize the usage of disposable goods, such as bottled water, and encourages guests to engage in earth-friendly practices by bringing whatever they need in a reusable form.

Because of its prime location, on top of a hot spring source, Hotel Pin is able to provide hot-steamy therapeutic baths year-round. Enjoy our outdoor spa facilities while looking out into the vast mountain scenery of Taiwan, as you treat yourself to a relaxing soak. An indoor pool area, equipped with water slides and fountains, provide children with a safe and fun space to engage in aquatic recreation!

When it comes to fine-dining, Hotel Pin has one mission - 'Respect the Classics'. These key words comprise the defining concept behind Rick's restaurant. Named after the unproduced stage-play Everybody Comes to Rick's - which inspired the Academy award-winning film Casablanca - the restaurant primarily focuses on gourmet pizza dishes and fine Italian dining. Classic flavors meet excitingly modern culinary techniques to create a new spin on a timeless favorite. Whether you're looking to relax with a nice cup of coffee or enjoy a delicious Italian meal with friends, Rick's has everything you're looking for.

Hotel Pin brings you a uniquely authentic local experience in the hot spring town of Jiaoxi. Along with our commitment to green-living, you will experience travel in a vastly new and satisfying way.

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Hotel Information

·  By car:
  Exit National Freeway Number 5 at the Toucheng Interchange. Continue straight on Provincial Highway 9 and turn right onto Gongyuan Road. At the second intersection, turn left onto Jiankang Road and then right onto Jiankang Second Street.

·  By bus:
  From Taipei Bus Station: Kamalan Bus toward Jiaoxi. From Taipei City Hall Bus Station: Capital Bus toward Jiaoxi. Disembark at Jiaoxi Transfer Station and walk through the Jiaoxi Tourist Service Center to exit onto Gongyuan Road. Cross onto Jiankang Road, and take the first right onto Jiankang Second Street. It takes about 10 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car.

·  By train:
  Take the train to Jiaoxi Train Station and exit straight onto Wenquan Road, toward the Hot Spring Park. Turn right onto Jiankang Road and then left onto Jiankang Second Street. It takes about 10 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car.

·  From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Jiaoxi Transfer Station:
  Take the United Bus service toward Jiaoxi Transfer Station (United Bus service counters can be found at both Terminal 1 and 2). Approximate travel time is about 150~180 minutes.

Hotel Shuttle Service

·  Designated pick-up service upon reservation; pick-up and dropping location: Jiaoxi Station, Jiaoxi Transfer Station. Limited to the reservation for the hotel guests.

Hotel Parking

·  Free surface-level parking is available.